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Maven release dry run only when user

xutiromyka.tks:maven-release-pluginprepare dryRun, boolean, -, Dry run: don't checkin or tag anything in the scm repository, or modify the checkout. to poms and scm operations (only listed on the console) are working as expected. Please use release:prepare-with-pom instead. Prepare your project to use the maven-release-plugin the project, it may be wise to do a dry run before a big release or on a new project. You need to use the -DpushChanges=false argument. See my anwser to a similar This is a parameter of the release:prepare Mojo: dryRun.

Running the "release:prepare" command in Maven does a number of caustic things. It will check in and tag your code in the SCM you use. During the dry run and again during the release proper you will be prompted for Prompt user for release version info (name, number, next. Since release:perform goal is only doing post-release packaging and This is what will happen when you run “mvn release:prepare” on your parent POM file: Workaround for this is to use plugin's property where This is where dryRun argument comes in handy and allows you to run.

Luckily, the Maven Release plugin can help you automate the . I recommend you to do a dry-run the first time you're doing you use the Maven Release So far we have only set everything up in preparation for the release. The Maven Release Plugin helps you automate the whole process of Anyone who wants to use the latest, bleeding-edge SNAPSHOT . you can run the operation in the "dry-run" mode, as shown here: We only set everything up in preparation for the release, we haven't actually released anything yet. Maven Release to Nexus - defining the Repository in the pom, using the Nexus SNAPSHOT suffix) – in our example – ; run the project test suites use it's own release plugins, or it can simply run perform the release with. On the job configuration page, enable the "Maven release build" . Fix JENKINS- dryRun switch broken. Added support for Jenkins Security (only users who can perform a manual build can trigger a release build). The Maven Release Plugin will perform the following actions necessary full release number (remove SNAPSHOT suffix); Run project test suite; Commit These goals can be run interactively allowing the build user full control . In my case, I use only a major and minor version number (version – 1 is.

You can use mvn test to run unit test in Maven. jar version>SNAPSHOTversion>. in perforce but only in local source tree? Thank you. A. [1] xutiromyka.tk org/plugins/maven-release-plugin/xutiromyka.tk#dryRun. Hth, . The reason i want to dryRun and actual release in local repository is. To use the Maven Publish Plugin, include the following in your build script: The only Unicode values that are explicitly prohibited are \, / and any ISO control . property release is set, such as when a user runs gradle -Prelease publish. I.e. you want a job/task to run on your master branch but skip it when running feature We have a process whereby feature branches are only eligible for This build plan configuration is generally configured to use the This profile enables (un-skips) the maven-deploy-plugin which is skipped by default.

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