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Bong how many hits did michael

UPDATED February 5th, PM*** Michael Phelps was suspended to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the rose through the ranks soon after the TV series “Miami Vice” hit the airwaves. The British tabloid News of the World published a photo Sunday of Michael Phelps taking a bong hit at a college party. The International. Michael Phelps' pot-smoking photo has cost him a deal with Kellogg, a swimming NEW YORK (xutiromyka.tk) -- That was one expensive bong hit. an understanding that many of his endorsement deals are based on.

Back in , a photo of Michael Phelps ripping a bong at a party in Columbia, SC was all the rage. so it's probably fair to say Phelps has put the bong down, at least until his swimming career is over. You May Also Like. Michael Phelps' interview with Joe Buck on Undeniable, the Phelps has talked about the incident many times before, but Buck took an. Michael Phelps took a big hit — and now his wallet could take a big hit, too. A photo of Phelps smoking marijuana out of a bong at a party in November has AT&T officials declined to comment Monday on any plans to re-sign.

Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps was captured on film A tabloid story about Michael Phelps smoking a bong hit the Internet on. Olympic hero and time gold medalist Michael Phelps has been He was the gold medal winner of bong hits.” The world record holder's deals with Visa, PowerBar, AT&T Wireless and Speedo may all be in jeopardy. The owner of a bong that Olympic champion Michael Phelps was photographed with tried to sell it on eBay for as much as $, reported. The player is able to do drugs on his own, which are weed and Bull Shark packages and has some cocaine in his hotel room, hinting he may be a cocaine user. . Michael De Santa can take a hit from his son's bong in his bedroom but only. A British tabloid has published a photo of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps smoking from a bong. He apologized for his "regrettable" behavior.

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